Tuesday, December 24, 2013

New stuff for 2014

In late fall Mr. Greenspot decided to pot up some fruit and nut trees, which will be available to plant in the new 2014 spring season here in mid coast maine. He will offer his selection thru Long Branch School in downtown Bowdoinham. Some of his selection includes hazelnut trees, mulberry trees, and other small fruiting bushes and trees. The Kunekune pig breed are compatible with orchards in that they are non-rooting pigs that east grasses all summer and fall here in our Maine climate. When fruit bearing trees and bushes drop fruit, the pigs would eagerly eat it up and turn it into delectable pork products for any family to enjoy. Ducks are good at cleaning up gardens and orchards, eating many slugs, bugs, and all sorts of fallen fruit and other vegetation.

Here are some of our egg laying duck flock. They are in front of some of my amaranthus plants. They eat amaranthus greens as well as our pigs.
Black and white magpie hen with two drakes 

New Feathers and Fur Calendar for 2014

Made a new Calendar for 2014 featuring my chickens and goats, Deans ducks,s and kunekune pigs. From May to November 2013 we had a flock of muscovy ducks. We decided not to keep the muscovys. Dean kept his egg laying ducks. Mid November we added two alpacas to our farm. They are Maxine and Angelina. They seem to be content for now and spend considerable time watching our milking goat herd over the fence. I will get some pictures of them in the near future. Here are some photos of our chickens, pigs, goats, and muscovies that are in the new calendar.

Lovey and Beg Momma

Robin and Frosty 2013

These were some of the muscovies we had through the summer and fall. They liked to sit on fences and fly to the top of the chicken coops and to the top of the garage. They were pretty to look at, but were rough and rowdy with our other egg laying duck flock.
some of my Jersey giants

Kunekune pigs new to our farm

Added kunekune pigs to our farm in February 2013. Started with two gilts purchased in Penn. Then added a boar from a farm in WV. They are super friendly pigs and are a joy to keep. Dean started New England Kunekunes and hopes to increase his Kune herd in the future and offer baby kunekunes to interested folks in the New England area. Here are some pictures of the original three pigs.

Lincoln in front girls in the back
 Call Dean for more information on our Kunekune pigs. Ph. 207-666-8960.  Our gilts were on pasture from May to end of October 2013.  They have a new pig palace to go thru our winter weather here in southern Maine.
New male "Lincoln"

Big Momma and Lovey

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

First Chicken group

Hennery, red and penny

Hennery's girls

my first roo Jan 2012

Amands and barbra

Barbra was the top hen in the coop
The first group of chicken I had last Fall, this winter, and spring consisted of Hennery a 50% silky rooster and five older hens to keep him company. The hens laid about 3 eggs per day and consisted of three Rhode Island reds, one barred rock, and one americana. When my silkie hens went broodie through winter and spring, I had them sit on 8 of hennery's eggs, and my silkies hatched 5 of his eggs successfully. One of Hennery's pullets was sold this June, and now I have 4 of his offspring left. I sold Hennery, and his girls in April due to lack of coop space due to all my silkie chicks. Hennery went to a nice man in West Bath who had a coop waiting on water front property. Hennery's chicks are 1/4 silkie and 3/4 layer hens. I have two white, one black, and one red and white mixed chicks who have had an excellent growth rate. I miss Hennery and his gang.

January 2012 Doelings

Maxine paint doeling 8 months

Ali Kat looks like her mom Ali

Tutu on the run

Abby at 8 months
Here are some young doelings we had close to home last winter. Among the mostly full blood Boer girls, we have Abby and Abigale (88% Kiko doelings) who you can see pictures of when they were really youngsters still with their mothers last summer (2011) on this same blog. They are out to pasture now over at the farm this summer (2012). Couldn't locate a picture of Abigale, at 8 months for this page.

Meet Dottie/Miss Piggie

Last summer, fall, and winter we had a couple of pigs for temporary residents. Dottie and her litter sister Pinky got along well and were willing models for my camera. As time progressed, Dottie became my favorite piggy, and later come winter time, when we had to part company, it was a very difficult task, to understand, that one day, dottie would be leaving our place. She was a wonderful creature and awesome guest while with us. Here are some photos of Dottie last December 2012.

In the Silkie Shed

September 2011 I was given 14 baby slikie chicks, a straight run bunch, which grew nicely through out our sunny fall days in Maine. By the first week in January, my seven hens started to lay small white eggs. Thirty days later, I met my first broodie hen, who became very much focused on sitting on a clutch of eggs. The rest of her hen friends all went broodie through out the rest of our winter months, and each dedicated mother hatched out the cutest little fuzzy chicks you ever laid eyes on. Come spring time, after the cute chicks grew up somewhat, I sold most of them to other friends who wanted to add a few sweet silkies to their own flocks. It's been a rewarding experience to say the least. My next batch of silkie chicks should be hatching around the first part of July 2012.