Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kunekune pigs new to our farm

Added kunekune pigs to our farm in February 2013. Started with two gilts purchased in Penn. Then added a boar from a farm in WV. They are super friendly pigs and are a joy to keep. Dean started New England Kunekunes and hopes to increase his Kune herd in the future and offer baby kunekunes to interested folks in the New England area. Here are some pictures of the original three pigs.

Lincoln in front girls in the back
 Call Dean for more information on our Kunekune pigs. Ph. 207-666-8960.  Our gilts were on pasture from May to end of October 2013.  They have a new pig palace to go thru our winter weather here in southern Maine.
New male "Lincoln"

Big Momma and Lovey

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