Tuesday, June 26, 2012

First Chicken group

Hennery, red and penny

Hennery's girls

my first roo Jan 2012

Amands and barbra

Barbra was the top hen in the coop
The first group of chicken I had last Fall, this winter, and spring consisted of Hennery a 50% silky rooster and five older hens to keep him company. The hens laid about 3 eggs per day and consisted of three Rhode Island reds, one barred rock, and one americana. When my silkie hens went broodie through winter and spring, I had them sit on 8 of hennery's eggs, and my silkies hatched 5 of his eggs successfully. One of Hennery's pullets was sold this June, and now I have 4 of his offspring left. I sold Hennery, and his girls in April due to lack of coop space due to all my silkie chicks. Hennery went to a nice man in West Bath who had a coop waiting on water front property. Hennery's chicks are 1/4 silkie and 3/4 layer hens. I have two white, one black, and one red and white mixed chicks who have had an excellent growth rate. I miss Hennery and his gang.

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