Tuesday, December 24, 2013

New Feathers and Fur Calendar for 2014

Made a new Calendar for 2014 featuring my chickens and goats, Deans ducks,s and kunekune pigs. From May to November 2013 we had a flock of muscovy ducks. We decided not to keep the muscovys. Dean kept his egg laying ducks. Mid November we added two alpacas to our farm. They are Maxine and Angelina. They seem to be content for now and spend considerable time watching our milking goat herd over the fence. I will get some pictures of them in the near future. Here are some photos of our chickens, pigs, goats, and muscovies that are in the new calendar.

Lovey and Beg Momma

Robin and Frosty 2013

These were some of the muscovies we had through the summer and fall. They liked to sit on fences and fly to the top of the chicken coops and to the top of the garage. They were pretty to look at, but were rough and rowdy with our other egg laying duck flock.
some of my Jersey giants

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